How to Pay

We accept only Cryptocurrency, this is most secure way for both parties, due to known reasons.

Don't have BITCOINS? We recommend to use "bitcoin middle man" services below EASY AND ANONYMOUS: ( super easy, but 50 GBP min order) 

You can purchase various coins (BTC, ETH, BCH) with CREDIT CARD, we recommend to purchase BCH for lowest transfer fee:

- (40 GBP min order)

    Also see our Paxful step by step example below:

    At our checkout page make a note of amount in Bitcoins we require for your order and our bitcoin address.

    Register with paxful choose to pay with "Bank Transfer" using, but you can choose any other available option that you desire.


    Check paxful available bitcoin sellers and prices they offer, Inform the seller of the amount that you require, this will be the value of the product in bitcoins that you are buying from us plus the paxful fee.



    Enter exact amount of bitcoins showing at our checkout page and see total amount you require to pay on paxful, be aware there are transfer fee about 4 pounds so buy little extra bitcoins otherwise you won't be able to completely cover order price. 


  •  - Click "Buy Now" and proceed with the seller.
  •  - Finish purchase at paxful, seller then going to top up your paxful wallet with bitcoins.
  •  - Go to paxfull wallet and send us precise Bitcoin amount  to our BTC wallet address displayed at our checkout page.

  •  - Go to our site and Click confirm order so we know payment process finished.
  •  - Once we receive payments from paxful site we will send you confirmation email and ship the product to you.
  •  - Make sure you purchased exact amount of Bitcoins showing at our checkout page PLUS transfer fee its 0.0005 BTC
  •  - All products are shipped securely and privately to ensure the utmost privacy.

If you have any questions then just email us at We are here to help.