Health advice

As cannabis geeks we would like to give you some health advice, which we consider important:

- Many of the marijuana growers out there use neem oil or other pesticides, which ends up poisoning the end consumer and potentially causing headaches and vomiting. Use trusted suppliers of flowers and be cautious of any strange smells on the flowers.

- Other dispensaries are importing flowers from other countries, carrying it through UK customers inside of a persons body causing flowers to be contaminated with feces and dangerous to smoke. Don't buy imported cannabis, promote local growers.

- Some of the sellers can paint flowers to make it look like strains they never produced causing it to be dangerous for consumers.

- Cannabis smoke is different to tobacco smoke and not causing lung problems as much as tobacco does, do not mix cannabis and tobacco, smoke clean dry cannabis. However you are still smoking cannabis tar and it's not good. We recommend to use convectional vaping devices for the best health benefits and results or use cannabis oil, but the oil effect is different and lasts for about 6 hours so be prepared for long lasting high.

- Vaping over alcohol and cigarette. If you like to have occasional drink in the evenings or cigarette, we suggest to stop harming yourself and start relaxing for real. Cannabis proven to have no physical addiction like alcohol or cigarettes, also its counted to be lungs cleansing herb if used correctly. Dry Herb vaporizers like "boundless tera" for professionals or "herbva 5g" for entry-level are only one proven convectional method to deliver medicine to your body without harming yourself. There are many examples of people switching to cannabis their alcohol craving goes away and mental state moved toward better personality.

- Watch out for pre-grinded cannabis as you don't know if that's cannabis or not, it could be "spice" which is artificially produces cannabis like product, but effect is not healthy at all! Zombie like state and depression, don't use in any circumstances! 

- Always buy cannabis complete flowers, it contains stems leaves and healthy trichomes on a bud, everything else avoid.

- We are not recommending to use cannabis for people who are younger than 25 years, apart from people with severe illnesses. The human brain is actively developing for about 25 years and that's when neural network is not stable and marijuana is in the way of normal development. However when you brains development stabilizes you need a kick for it to be creative.

- Its proven to help cure seizures, headaches, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, glaucoma and cancer. For every case there is recommended strain to be used so please check what is best suitable for you.

- Recent research discovered antibacterial properties of cannabis making it useful to cure bacterial infection.

- As many cannabis strains contain high amount of THC these days (like Northern Lights) we recommend to compensate it with CBD rich strains (like Royal medical) and mix in strains together.

- Can it be too much cannabis in my body and I'm fading. YES. If you feel fatigue or experiencing close to blackout feeling Stop right there and take a fresh breath of air. That happens due to brain got not enough oxygen and its bad for you. if it's keep happening then it's time for tolerance week and better two. Another good approach is when dry herb vaping, take only first hit and reload. First hit doesn't contains much burning materials(no smoke produced) and might mitigate effect of blackout. 

We are passionate about growing and only carry the highest quality and safest products in our store.

We encourage education on the marijuana topic, hence please familiarise with video below: